Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Perfidy of Punditry

Pundits really have no responsibility to truth and integrity any more than 'news' channels have a responsibility to report actual news. However, media pundits by and large, are sensationalists. They are not the bright lights of their respective parties [and make no mistake, they are accountable to their party]; the bright lights who could actually contribute to discussions of national importance are seldom, if ever invited to appear with the pundits.

Today's pundits represent the lowest common denominator appealing to the lowest common denominator. Their marching orders are to stir up [or contrive] controversy for the sake of ratings......just as 'news' channels contrive and manufacture controversy for higher ratings and higher profits......all without changing the comfortable political paradigm that all parties are complicit in retaining.

When these media pundits resort to tabloid drama, baseless political labeling and comparisons to is a bonfire to all intelligent Americans that they have admitted to themselves that their argument is unconvincing on it's merits, therefore, they're only recourse is to appeal to the idiocrats.

Sadly, this phenomena is becoming more popular. Americans are uniformly becoming less astute, and led by the nose with the prevalent buzz words and scripts. The scholars and intellectuals of our time are being relegated to obscure academic journals and wonk blogs, while the airwaves are filled with people who couldn't stand their ground in an honest debate, or when they do not control the arena and it's format.

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