Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Republican Party Can Kiss my Ass

The Republicans have sealed the deal when it comes to the question of 'will I ever vote Republican again?'

Watching the coverage and seeing pictures of several of the placards carried in Washington DC today...for their Take Back America/Tea Bagging/Anti-Obama rally...I'm disgusted beyond words at the level of undisguised and unbridled ignorance of these people.

These slack-jawed mouth breathing oxygen thieves actually have me defending the Democrats by virtue of their blatant lies and comparisons to terrorism/Socialism/Marxism/Hitler. The mental midgets carrying these signs couldn't tell you the first tenet of the ideologies they accuse Obama of, and they can't be concerned to back up their claims of appeasing terrorism. But they certainly can take a buzzword and run with it; they certainly can take a catchphrase and turn it into a meme; and they take marching orders from Fox News, Beck, Limbaugh and DeMint like the most obedient little brown-shirts.

Did somebody activate the chip in their brain? Was their water extra fluoridated? Did they eat paint chips as a kid? I joke about the impending zombie apocalypse....but by god I think it's already here. These intellectually stunted goose-steppers give fascism a bad name.

Worse, they are co-opting the symbols and tag-lines of patriots and liberty lovers. I'm sickened at the level and tone of political dialogue in my country. My fallback plan of escaping to Costa Rica is looking more appealing as each day passes.

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