Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Amusing Truth

Just An Earth-Bound Misfit speaks an eloquent truth:

I am rather amused by the fact that the only time conservatives seem to give a flying fuck about the Constitution is when there is a Democrat sitting in the Oval Office.

It is beyond obvious to point out that there was no interest whatsoever among the vast majority of conservatives for the preservation of our rights and liberties when the Darth and Chimpy Administration was in power. Far from it, every time that those bastards used the Constitution as toilet paper...

...the conservatives cheered them on. More than that, the conservatives scorned people who were concerned about civil rights and civil liberties as being "unpatriotic" and "disloyal" and "terrorist sympathizers".

But now, only now, with a Democrat sitting in the White House who has some small interest in doing things other than killing people and running up the deficit by giving more tax breaks to the rich while we are in a couple of wars, only now do those self-styled patriots on the Right start to show any concern about preserving the Constitution.

Color me "unimpressed." For once a Republican is again in the White House, we will hear no more from any of these people about the importance of the Constitution

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