Monday, July 19, 2010

Mosque "at Ground Zero"

The theme being perpetrated throughout the web is that a Mosque is being built AT the site of the WTC. It actually is being built two blocks away. Now, I find the location as repugnant as many others...but why the need to inflame and incite by being dishonest?

If you're message is should stand on it's own. Hyperbole and rhetoric. Such is the currency of today's political climate.


  1. I don't understand these strong feelings, whether the mosque site is at ground zero or Midwest America. These Muslims aren't charged with breaking some anti-terrorist law, so I assume they have nothing to do with 9/11. When I advocate treating Muslims as members of our society I mean it in every sense. This includes the right to bloviate about their status as God's chosen people as much as any other religious group, anywhere they want, as long as they do it within the context of commonly accepted zoning standards.

  2. These feelings come from a xenophobic fear that we are 'at war with Islam'. They see this cultural center as a shot across the bow, a foothold and an affront against their national pride.

    They will admit, when pressed, that there is every constitutional right for the mosque to be built....they devoutly believe that emotion should trump law when it pertains to patriotism.


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