Monday, August 9, 2010

A marriage proposal

Since people are getting their panties in a twist over the alleged redefinition of marriage, why don't we make all government recognized unions between two consenting adults - civil unions. Then, those that wish the blessing of their chosen deity can enter into marriage. Marriage then wouldn't have any legal advantages over a contractual agreement that should not mix religious tenets with the system of government in the first place.


  1. My name is Lesly, and I approve this message.

    I'd rather have a civil union. Every time a heterosexual on the teevee mentions sanctity and marriage in one sentence I think he or she is elbowing someone under the camera.

  2. I agree....I simply can't understand the mindset here. I mean, I'm a military guy....I own guns, ride a Harley, have a dog...and am happily and very hetero-ly married to a Catholic woman who home-schools our daughters.....but the reality is that two consenting, gay adults getting legally married doesn't affect my marriage in any way whatsoever!

    Did the IED go off to close to my head? Is it my love of lesbian porn? Is it that my belief in an invisible omnipotent guy-in-the-sky consists of I don't have a fucking clue?

    What makes this guy think rationally?

  3. Well, you know, I woke up the other morning feeling a lot less married than usual, but it wasn't 'til I checked the news and found that Prop 8 had been overturned that I realized what had happened.

    The real shock was when that unit of paramilitary homosexuals (they have the most fabulous uniforms) parachuted into the sanctuary at our church and forced us to perform gay marriages at gunpoint.

    Then the zombie velociraptors showed up and started eating everybody. That was about the point where I realized I was still dreaming.

  4. Heh, nice!....I'm envisioning pink and black digital camouflage pattern and parachutes with a lace trim!


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