Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There will be no commenting on the Giffords shooting from this blog.

I am so disgusted by the use of this tragedy by Democrats and Republicans [and their accomplices in the media] that I am abstaining from any and all online discussions and debates over this topic.


  1. Though the smart-aleck side of my nature wants to ask if we should discuss your unwillingness to discuss...

    No, never mind. I'm not sure that's far enough removed from the original topic to be funny.

  2. Heh...good point.

    This whole affair has me wondering about the solvency of our society. Or whether I even want to be a part of it. Suddenly a zombie apocalypse has more merit.....

  3. Zombies, plague, or Ayn Rand's moral-economic malaise: take your pick. There are days when I look at the world, and everything that's wrong with it, and it just makes me tired and sick. On those days, I can really see the appeal of burning it all down and starting over.

    And then I think about how much of everything we'd just have to turn around and rebuild, and the likelihood that our brave new world might be any better than what came before, and I think: maybe we should try to fix what we have, just one more time.


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