Monday, August 8, 2011

Interesting to note who's "palling around with terrorists" now

The ornate ballroom of the Willard Hotel buzzed with activity on a Saturday morning in July. Crowded together on the stage sat a cadre of the nation's most influential former government officials, the kind whose names often appear in boldface, who've risen above daily politics to the realm of elder statesmen. They were perched, as they so often are, below a banner with a benign conference title on it, about to offer words of pricey wisdom to an audience with an agenda.
That agenda: to secure the removal of the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) from the U.S. government's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. A Marxian Iranian exile group with cult-like qualities, Mujahideen-e Khalq was responsible for the killing of six Americans in Iran in the 1970s, along with staging a handful of bombings. But for a terrorist organization with deep pockets, it appears there's always hope.
Onstage next to former FBI director Louis Freeh sat Ed Rendell, the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania and current MSNBC talking head; former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean; former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton; former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Togo West; former State Department Director of Policy Planning Mitchell Reiss; former Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James T. Conway; Anita McBride, the former chief of staff to First Lady Laura Bush; and Sarah Sewall, a Harvard professor who sits on a corporate board with Reiss.


  1. Great Americans working hard to help out people who want to do bad things to Americans.

  2. There was talk of the U.S. lifting the MEK's designation as a terr'ist organization back when this cult o' personality group was trying to keep its armaments post-Saddam statute toppling on national television. There was, if I remember, a thread about this.

    The news didn't make waves then and probably won't now. Americans imo don't understand ME people, and good gracious, they would have to research the acronym. Coupled with Obamabots' refusal to trace anything negative to Dear Leader, even things that are going on in the here and now, and you got no meme.

  3. I don't remember a thread about MeK, but I didn't look either.

    And you're quite right.....there are terrorist groups and then there are "terrorist"groups. Strange how domestic political ideology plays into this....

  4. Circa 2003:

    In a statement in November, a bipartisan group of more that 150 members of Congress urged the Bush administration to remove the organization from the State Department’s terrorist list, calling it an effective counter to the Iranian government.

    The enemy of my enemy is not a terrorist.


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