Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy WTF?

I haven't honestly cared one way or the other about the self styled 99%. I can't believe its garnered so much media and pundit attention. Nor have I had to experience the tired chants and vapid bellowing of the new hippie generation first hand.

But I will say're right to peaceably protest does not revoke my right of free passage. Any of these pale, rat bearded hygiene-free, Che shirt wearing knuckleheads keep me from getting to my place of employment, of home from said fist might accidentally occupy the same space as their face.

Walk around with signs asking for free stuff all you wish. Camp on the sidewalk, feel good about your self-righteous intentions all you want.

Just don't dare and try to keep me from occupying the place where I earn a paycheck.


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