Saturday, April 21, 2012

We lost a warrior 23 years ago today....

Remember Col Nick Rowe at SKK's site:

Let's all raise a glass in memory of an old pal and legendary Green Beret, Col. James Nicholas Rowe, who died 23 years ago today. Nick was ambushed and killed on 21 April, 1989, while driving to work in the Philippines. At the time, he was assigned to the Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group in Manila.
He was only 51 when he died. I got to know him when I wrote about Vietnam-era prisoners of war for The Washington Times. I wanted Nick to tell me about POWs. Nick wanted me to help him get a posthumous Medal of Honor for his fellow captive, Rocky Versace. I included Nick's story and words in my 'Nam POW book, Prisoners of Hope.
Nick's story is an inspiration.

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  1. I went and read the whole story on him. What a man!

    A good reminder that even in "peace time" serving in the military can be dangerous.


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