Monday, July 30, 2012


Time to buy a gun. Pretty well loaded up on handguns and bladed weapons for TEOTWAWKI.....time to buy a rifle; one I'm familiar with....has capacity....and is versatile.

Currently looking at the Springfield M1A1 SOCOM 16, .308......

And the Sig Sauer M400, .223

Anybody have a favorite?


  1. Save your money.

    Make the .308 a standard bolt action, scoped.

    The poodle shooter can be had a lot cheaper than the Sig model, although that sure is a fine one.
    Iron sights built into the carry handle can take a lot of abuse, much more than anything hooked to a rail.

  2. Good points, though money is not really an obstacle. I am looking for quality over bargain.

    Very true that the Sig is at the upper third of the AR family....I think I lean towards rail components because of familiarity and ease of mounting scopes/lasers. I should look around some more.

    I have nothing against the Remington 700's and other similar models [I did have an M24 as a Sniper].......I'm letting the fact that I've alwasy wanted something in the Garand family get the best of me.


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