Monday, December 10, 2012

Memories of old friends........

Toys that is.

For some odd reason, I came across a mention of the Six Million Dollar Man action figure, and it reminded me of the set I had when I was around 6 or 7.

I did a little research, and thankfully, it's not worth thousands....making me wish I had made the impossible decision at that age to keep it boxed in mint condition...unlike my Star Wars action figures and comic books.


  1. I remember a friend having a Six Million Dollar man (I was into GI Joes).

    See the kid in the circle picture? He's looking through the bionic eye!

  2. I do remember that bionic eye!

    I didn't have GI Joes...something to which I still chide my Mother about. As some sort of consolation prize, I got saddled with "Big Jim" and his Sports Camper.

    A poor substitute for GI Joe....he didn't even have a gun for ward off bears...

  3. And you ended up in the infantry, and I ended up in the rear with the gear in the Air Force. So much for the "toys as tools of social engineering" theory...

  4. Interesting observation....makes me wonder if I had played with Barbies...I might have been a SEAL!

    Although I did play a disturbing amount of 'Army' as a kid....


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