Thursday, March 14, 2013

Your Representatives lie to you...Part III

Another day, another false statement by a Statist who thinks he or she should decide what you [the American citizen] need.

Today's lie is brought to you by Diane 'trigger control' Feinstein.

“Incidentally, this does not prohibit,” Feinstein continued, smacking a table for emphasis, “It exempts 2271 weapons. Isn’t that enough for the people of the United States? Do they need a bazooka? Do they need other high powered weapons military people use to kill in close combat? 


Well, begin, your bill does prohibit. It prohibits every firearm listed in your bill. And since this was in response to an analogy to the 1st Amendment by Sen. Ted Cruz.....surely you must be OK with 'free speech zones'. After all, you still get to voice your dissent....isn't that enough for you?

Bazooka? We've been discussing firearms Di....a bazooka is not a firearm. Let's add to that, that a bazooka has an arming range of 15-40 meters. Decidedly not 'close combat'.

Speaking of close combat, that's exactly the type of firearm one needs for personal defense. A citizen starts firing at a threat a couple of hundred meters out, they become a murderer. Between Di and Joe Biden, I'm starting to think they're conspiring to try and get lawful firearm owners to sabotage themselves by breaking the law. At either that, or we have of the most fundamentally retarded officials in the history of our Congress.

Lastly, the firearms cited in the bill, aren't used by the military. Not our military at least. But what can one expect when they cannot only not define why cosmetic and ergonomic feature make a firearm more lethal [as they claim], but they have a proven track record of not being able to even identify those features in the first place.

Low information voters everywhere must be rejoicing that crafters of legislation are going out of their way to not challenge them with facts and reason.


  1. Feinstein's reaction, much like Hillary ("What difference does it make!?"), is predictable for people who have a grudge but not much else going for them.

    "If the law is not on your side, cry for justice. If you have neither, pound the table."

  2. "we have of the most fundamentally retarded officials in the history of our Congress"

    Well, maybe not in ALL history of the Congress, but the current crop certainly is one of the worst. Cruz and Rubio are a refreshing change. So far, anyhow.

  3. Dick - I admit to taking a wee bit of historical latitude; it should more properly be caveated 'in my lifetime'.

    Nicholas - Amen brother...I had to look up the quote, but it's quite appropriate.


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