Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hiking In Memoriam

I decided to log two hikes with the long Memorial Day weekend....and dedicate each one to a Fallen Warrior, who was close to myself or my family.

I dedicated today's hike to LTC Roy Tisdale...whom I blogged about here.  My wife was a colleague of his, and held him in the highest regard, as a friend and sterling example of the Officer Corps. Another excellent blogger that you should know also wrote about his funeral, and I will link the photos that he chose...when he covered the Memorial for LTC Tisdale.

Blue Skies Sir.....

Something definitely appropriate for LTC Tisdale that I posted last year but can't seem to embed again.

Today's hike was on the Kamiloiki Ridge Trail. Not a particularly long trek...but one where I literally had to look down at nearly every step to ensure that I didn't trip over lava rock in the overgrown grass and tumble down the side of the ridge. This, of course, made it rather difficult to look for the next blaze, marking the trail. The Kamiloiki is not maintained, so it was a bit of an adventure making sure I was still on it.

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