Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stuttgart, then and now

Walking around the Stadtmitte section of Stuttgart; lot's of people doing the same thing. First nice day  since I've been here.

1938 - Hitler riding down Königstraße, with the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof tower in the background.

Königstraße this very day. Note the Swastika flag has been replaced by the Mercedes-Benz logo.


  1. One of the main symbols of socialism replaced with one of cooperative economic success.

  2. But auto workers are highly paid in Germany. Wouldn't dmarks consider that a failure? German auto workers make around $67 an hour - an actual high wage (as opposed to the fake high wage of American auto workers dmarks often complains about).

  3. Replies
    1. far, it doesn't seem to stand out from your average German city. I'm more of a castle guy. I just got back from the ruins of Schloss Hohenstaufen. I'll post some photos.

    2. Castles are my preference, too.

      But I do like a good meal in a biergarten.


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