Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While working out this morning and having VH1 on the tube....I was struck by an odd [though not new] phenomenon........the fascination or fetish with where one grew espoused by singers/rappers.

I don't even mean East Coast versus West Coast....I'm talking about street, neighborhood and even area code for gods sake. I witnessed the Ruben Studdard - '205' fashion while living in Birmingham during the first few seasons of American Idol...but I really didn't know that this was widespread idiocy.

Apparently, if you grew up in a poor, minority or 'tough' part of whatever city happens to be cool....the you too are cool, and some amount of faux respect is accorded to you. I sometimes [OK....often] wonder at how we were able to evolve as a species. Or is it a case of devolution?

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