Friday, February 5, 2010

More nonsense.......

from the people who believe that criminals abide by gun laws:

Over the past few months, more and more gun owners have been gathering at restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks with guns strapped to their hips, intimidating fellow patrons.

Businesses can legally prohibit guns from being carried in their establishments – and so far, Peet's Coffee & Tea and California Pizza Kitchen have heeded customer concerns and barred the open carrying of guns.

But Starbucks is the open carrying of firearms in its stores, despite protests from loyal customers.

Because of Starbucks' refusal, the Brady Campaign has teamed up with CREDO Action to tell Starbucks to keep guns out of its coffee shops.

The practice of packing heat in places like Starbucks is intimidating and could be potentially dangerous to our families and communities – and it must be stopped.

It's everyone's right to sit in a restaurant or coffee shop with their families without intimidation or fear of guns, either concealed or openly carried.

Under the law, Starbucks has the right to adopt a gun-free policy, with an exception for uniformed police officers. Such a policy can easily be implemented in most cases by putting up signs at store entrances.

We need to tell Starbucks to bar guns in its stores. These individuals who have been carrying guns into Starbucks have all the firepower of a SWAT team, and none of the law enforcement training.

The more idiotic statements have been placed in bold by yours truly. These vacuous do-gooders don't seem to realize that pistols aren't remotely the equivalent of a SWAT team....and I also have a right to sit in a restaurant or coffee shop with the right to defend myself...a right enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. I don't recall seeing an addendum about the perception of safety in restaurants.

But I do love, and will co-opt their nifty logo.

Support your local Starbucks!

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  1. I am more than happy to support the rights of armed disgruntled coffee slaves to ddrink coffee at Starbucks.


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