Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Screed

I'm trying to be utterly Independent in my blogging, because I truly believe that both Democrats and Republicans [and the two party tyranny in general] are the most prevalent threat to liberty. But over the last year or so, the disgust and revulsion that I have felt for the Party I used to belong to....the GOP....has surfaced in most of my writing. Perhaps it is because of my former connection to them, perhaps it is because of the unprecedented rank hypocrisy and lying that has become the hallmark of said party. Make no mistake my esteemed readers, I am not now, nor ever be a Democrat. But until the ship of political discourse rights itself and both parties settle back into the keel with the bilge and the rats, the GOP will remain my primary target.

On that note, Americas' Most Trusted Blogger, Truth 101....has an excellent piece that speaks to my rant above.

Greed, fear and selfishness. The republican's best friends. It puts greed above all else in the pursuit of profit. No job is safe. Society isn't safe. Republicans will blow the loudest horns in an effort to get contracts for their chosen ones that build prisons. But when it's time to open them and keep criminals behind bars, republicans say "we don't have the money. Their promises of jobs and security are meaningless. They don't care about working Americans. They especially don't care about Americans that aren't working. Even though republican policies and obstruction create more of them. Look at Senator Bunning.

Republicans exploit selfishness and fear. Iraq was no threat. Yet republicans steered us into a war and occupation driving us billions of dollars into debt. Costing our Nation more lives than were lost on 9/11. Yes. Every Soldier that died in the Iraq War and occupation. Every one that was injured, is just as much a victim of terror as those who were killed and injured on 9/11. Republicans used fear of being called "Soft on terror" to keep Democrats and their own in their pro invasion fold. Shame on the Democrats especially that cowardly voted for this invasion because they feared being called "soft on terror."

Republicans use fear and selfishness to keep the paranoid in their fold. Pro gun nuts at all costs are being riled up by fantasies of G-Men coming to their homes and taking away their guns. Of criminals walking the streets with impunity because the police are rounding up law abiding citizens and taking their guns. Wackos complain about "waiting periods" or background checks" for gun buyers. Yet, every one of these people thinks the Patriot Act and it's warrentless wiretaps. Or locking people up without being charged indefinitely is a good thing. That's where the republicans exploit selfishness. Why should you care if it's happening to the other guy?

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  1. I'm always fascinated that India the World's Largest Democracy doesn't suspend elections even with wars on their actual borders and that they have 6 National Parties and hundreds of State Parties.

    But, that's always been the Hindu way hundreds where we in America realize that 1 is they way to go in Gods and Political Parties...


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