Saturday, June 11, 2011

Apparently the Founding Fathers decided the Evolution debate.....long before the theory was introduced....

If you believe anything that David Barton spews out of his piehole anyway......
Pseudo-historian and Christian reconstructionist David Barton must believe America’s Founding Fathers had time-traveling capabilities, flitting merrily back and forth between the centuries, spying on us and our modern ways. How else does one reconcile this recent interview that caught the eye of Right Wing Watch? Barton says that the writers of the Constitution settled the whole debate over teaching evolution – at least 70 years before Charles Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species. Heck, they settled it even 20 years before Darwin was born.

As head-shakingly frustrating it is to think that someone could make such a claim when the historical facts refuting it are so obvious, it’s actually standard Barton fare. Little different than his statement that Jesus opposed the minimum wage or that the bible takes a stand against net neutrality.
Religion Dispatches

This type of redefinition and reconstruction as-matter-of-fact, along with dismissive elitism such as Andrew Wilkow's "we are right, they are wrong....that's the end of the story" tripe, makes me all the more confidant that Republicans are really no different than Democrats in their tautology and channeled ideologies.

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