Monday, February 6, 2012

Hypocrisy, thy name is Pat

I suppose I could be generous and give him kudos for just being flat out ballsy. But this self righteous politicization of religion is the epitome of Un-American.

Pat Robertson speaking to a reporter from CBN:

Watts: Gerald says, ‘Pat, earlier today you ran a report about Muslims in Spain. The reporter mentioned that seven out of ten Muslims there consider themselves to be Muslims first, rather than Spanish. It was presented as if it’s a bad thing. But is it wrong that they put their religion before their nationality? After all, do you consider yourself to be a Christian first, or an American?’
Robertson: That’s a good, good question. Of course I consider myself to be Christian first, American second. But this Muslim thing is a cultural matter. I don’t want to go force women to wear certain kinds of dress and to have certain dietary laws and to marry a certain way, I don’t believe in controlling people. I think good citizenship says if I’m a good Christian I’ll also be a good citizen. But if I am under control of a foreign power that’s a whole different matter and that’s what we’re talking about here; are they under the control of the domination mentally of the thought processes that come out of Mecca? If that’s the case they’re not going to be good citizens of Spain so, no being a good Christian ahead of being America is not a bad thing.
What do you expect from a fundamentalist cult who cherry picks edicts to follow from that dusty book, which is the alleged "word of God"?

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