Saturday, February 25, 2012

What could have been.....

The only GOP primary candidate that I could have voted for.
Former presidential candidate and Romney-backer Jon Huntsman on Thursday pushed for a third party candidate in the next election, which he said would address the issues the "broken" Republican Party has ignored. He also said that he is "not a surrogate for anybody." 
Huntsman, who endorsed Mitt Romney after he dropped out of the presidential race, went on the attack against the Republican Party and the debate process on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. However, he expressly said that he would not run as a third-party candidate. 
“I'm not a surrogate for anybody,” he said. “All I can say is I'm looking at the political marketplace. And I'm saying this duopoly is tired and we're stuck in a rut. We're not having the discussions in this country that we need to have.”


  1. He will ask RP to run third party, and of course, Ron will be honored to comply with his request.

    and The Bamster gets four more years in charge.

    More predictable than pro wrestling...

    I'm adding to my canned goods shopping list.

  2. You must maintain far more optimism of what the dismal GOP slate can offer than I do. Romney, Santorum or Gingrich fill me with no more hope than Obama does.

  3. The fact that Huntsman is about as sane as you can reasonably expect from anybody in politics pretty much guaranteed that the Republican base would ignore him completely. Which is, as you say, too bad.


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