Sunday, September 8, 2013


Had the awesome opportunity to see my Ducks...and take my little ducklings to their very first Oregon Ducks game, as they traveled to the University of Virginia this past Saturday. Parking sucked, but boy howdy, was I amazed at the number of Oregon fans in attendance. I would estimate 30% of the crowd were Ducks.

Since I spent half of this year in Hawaii, and I got to meet Marcus Mariota's [QB, #8] father, my girls decided to honor Marcus by wearing brass skirts and Hawaiian nut necklaces.

Seats weren't too shabby. The trick is buying them through the home team site, and just hoping you're not the only blob of green in a sea of orange.

59-10. Quack!


  1. As a Beaver-in-law, I have to line up on the side that looks askance at the Ducks, but I have to admit that they've done amazingly well so far. I thought that the Tennessee game would be closer in score, but as usual the Ducks walked away with it.

    I'm glad you had the rare opportunity to support your team at that distance. I'm still waiting for Texas A&M to show up at a venue nearby.

    1. I'm no Aggie fan, but given the chance, I would certainly like to see them in person.

      My next goal is to have my offspring experience a Duck game in Autzen Stadium.

  2. Good to see a rabid duck fan far from home. I, on the other hand, live 30 minutes from Duck stadium and get to see them a lot. If you wish, you may live vicariously through me as I am rabid as well. signed quacker backer.....

    1. I can't believe I'm just now able to get to this....but I'm glad to see you're a Duck Fan! I went to Autzen a few weeks ago and spent a mortgage payment or so at the Duck Store. The highlight of this season was the Virginia game, but I'm going to sell my soul to get to whatever bowl game they get this year.


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