Thursday, December 12, 2013

Movin' on up......

With work going at breakneck speed, and never-ending projects around the house, I have been a Slacker Blogger of late. Though nobody is depending on my musings to get through their day, I do apologize nonethess.

To add to my list of all-things-not-blogging, I have finally taken the leap and become the proud parent of a shiny new Apple Macbook Pro. She was delivered without complications [other than UPS being a day late due to snow], and has barely made a sqawk. She certainly seems to require far less care and feeding than her older [and learning disabled] brother.

So, before I get back to blogging with any regularity, I'll be relearning basic computer skills [skillz?] and transfering music, pictures and movies to another drive...or cloud...or clouddrivegooglebox....whatever works bestest and fastest.


  1. Our next computers will be Macs, Had it with windows.

    1. It's still taking some getting used to, but I haven't looked back. One suggestion that I found valuable, invest in an external HD that works with both PC and Mac without formatting [Seagate is what I bought].
      t makes the transition easier. Mac has a Migration Tool that works over your home network, but it can take forever if you have a large number of files.


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