Saturday, December 7, 2013

World War C: It's that time of year again

Time for the alleged "war on Christmas". Brought to you by those looking to be offended over nothing, and/or those selling ironically timed books about the alleged "war on Christmas".


  1. wtf? Maybe next time Jon will mention some of the more barbaric elements of sharia...

    1. Well, perhaps he will, in a segment that's remotely related to Islam.

      Religious freedom doesn't seem to fit the bill for that format however.

    2. How is sharia not related to islam? Or am I supposed to think, because the thing opened with a Christmas tree this is supposed to be related to Christmas? Or religious freedom?

      Seems it clearly was meant to minimize any concerns about 'sharia'. Or if it even wasn't meant to do that it certainly did for some number of people. Ah don't worry about those mulsim folks, thy just don't want other people looking at their women. What's so wrong widdat?

      The way I took it anyway.

      And given that just a year or two ago, Jon admitted to thinking obama would "Clean Up Washington", we know he's not the sharpest light bulb in the pencil drawer.

    3. I didn't say Shar'ia wasn't related to Islam. Christmas isn't related to Islam. Nor is the faux outrage about people not having their Christian faith validated by store greeters saying "Merry Christmas"...all the while decrying the commercialization of the Holiday by corporations.

      The alleged "war on Christmas" isn't being waged by Muslims; according to the faithful, it's being waged by Secularists.

    4. Ah, Ok, I agree with that.


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