Saturday, September 6, 2014

Voting for Fiat over Freedom

Many people want their religion imposed on the rest of us so badly that it's their only consideration. 
It's why they vote and how they vote. Everything else is secondary, and liberty gets swept aside because it would mean people making choices- voluntarily, consensually, and without coercion- which would be against the religion's rules for its followers. 
Of course, it doesn't matter at all whether the people whose liberty is being violated belong to that same religion or not. Everyone must obey "The One Way" regardless of anything else, and no matter whether "The One Way" respects liberty and rejects the initiation of force or embraces evil with the excuse that "it's what God demands".
It's Sharia Law, no matter which religion is pushing it. I find it rather vile and distasteful and think those pushing it should be ashamed and resisted in their attempts.
Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog

My only quibble would be the opening word. It's really difficult to determine how many Americans believe - and vote - this way. But not only do they exist, there are a myriad of activist and lobbying organizations, with deep pockets with which to make their case. Philosophically, I have no issue with a cities voting their conscience, even if it is comprised of the above. I just wish they'd educate themselves on the definitions of the liberty rhetoric they espouse in concert with the above.

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