Saturday, October 11, 2014

And so it begins......? Act II

Liberia said on Friday it was banning journalists from Ebola clinics, defying media rights campaigners who have warned panicked African governments against "muzzling" reporters. 
Government spokesman Isaac Jackson made the announcement as he was questioned on a radio phone-in show about reporters being barred from covering a strike at a Monrovia Ebola treatment unit (ETU). 
"Journalists are no longer allowed to enter ETUs. These journalists enter the ETUs and cross red lines," Jackson, the deputy information minister, told listeners to commercial station Sky FM.

Act I is the CDC telling us all that we have nothing to fear, while they lay a smokescreen of ineffectual mitigation measures at US airports.

Act II is journalists being denied coverage of the situation, as noted above.

What does Act III bring? Not sure, but it doesn't bode well. Thus far, the events have seemed to be the opening chapters of every Apocalyptic book and movie.....

Luckily, I at least have a canary in a coal mine. I live not far from a Continuity of Government location. Serials of helicopters headed to that facility triggers the family action plan. I'll put my tin foil away for now....but I'm keeping it close by.

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