Friday, October 31, 2014

Instead of wasting time with mandatory "sensitivity" training.....

How about we institute mandatory 1st Amendment training?

Two high school students in Massachusetts were suspended and face possible expulsion after posting a homecoming photo online of themselves holding airsoft rifles.
Tito Velez, 15, and his girlfriend Jamie Pereira posed with the airsoft rifles inside his home before heading to the Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School homecoming dance in Taunton, a local NBC affiliate reported.
“This isn’t dangerous. … You can’t kill someone with it,” Tito said. “We didn’t shoot anyone. We were pointing them at the floor. Everything was on safe, no batteries, they never left the house. We never took them to school. That’d be stupid.”
Airsoft rifles only shoot plastic pellets and are not intended to be lethal. Still, the two were suspended Monday morning after posting the photo on Facebook, and administrators are considering expulsion, the station said.
“They created a disruption, in our opinion, and that’s what they’re being punished for,” said superintendent Richard Gross.
The issue wasn’t the gun replicas themselves, but the “Homecoming 2014” caption attached to the photo, the superintendent said.
“These students know what is provocative,” Mr. Gross said, a local CBS affiliate reported. “To tie that to one of our school events kind of puts it over the top which brings us into it.”
He said a number of concerned parents saw the post and called the school to complain.
“Whether they had reason to be afraid or not, the fact is they were, and it was created by this,” Mr. Gross said.
He said police would have canceled the dance if they had known about the Facebook post on Friday.


How does the school think that it has the authority to punish students for acting in a law abiding manner in the confines of their own home? And why do parents completely surrender their own authority to government schools?


  1. "How does the school think that it has the authority to punish students for acting in a law abiding manner in the confines of their own home? And why do parents completely surrender their own authority to government schools? "

    There it is. Did you see them teaching islam in Maryland schools(maybe other places too) With homework ! "Wtf" just doesn't do it. A former Marine parent is now disallowed access to the school. The water is starting to boil folks.

    The reason for actions like your post describes is because libtards are unable to deal with the school shooting problem as it needs to be dealt with, meaning security at schools. if they can have an abundance of highly overpaid "administrators" who do little more than suck donuts, they can have security people. And I'm not kidding, after the anti collective bargaining law was overturned in Ohio, a podunk little school district(Lakota) had to let go 90 NINETY administrators and 100 teachers
    and call it good. They're still in business.

  2. "Did you see them teaching islam in Maryland schools(maybe other places too) With homework !"

    I did, but I have yet to see the context for the lesson. I'm assuming that it was contained within a survey of Islam and the Middle East, but haven't corroborated that.


      And really, how could you not teach islam and not the content ? How couldyou not teach Christianity and not the miracles of Jesus?

      It's unclear what you're saying CI, but how could you even Consider that this might be Okey Dokey ? Seriously. You - someone who literally Pounces on Religion in Society as being unacceptable.

    2. Points of order:

      I'm unlikely to take WND as a credible source. I want to see the textbook. Would you not desire likewise, if similar charges were leveled at learning of Christianity in school? I have no issue with learning about world religions. If the text in question is thinly veiled prosthelization, it should be halted immediately. Ironically, many who are opposed to Islam writ large, opine that it is not a religion but rather a political ideology. Thus making it's teaching in schools logically alright....

      And finally, I have nothing against "religion in society". I have huge problems [Constitutionally] with using government as a venue to endorse religion. Big difference.....

  3. "And why do parents completely surrender their own authority to government schools?"

    Perople blindly follow orders when an authority is seen as legitimate, and this event is minor: the majority of the Jews and Kulacks went to the camps without resistance, because even they saw the authority of the Nazis and Soviets as "legitimate."

    The school's "legitimacy" stems from the belief that the educational institution (as with the rest of the government) ultimately acts in the interests of the children, and the mobs (unions and NGOs) who really control the policies in schools are all too happy to reinforce that lie.

    Further obedience comes from simple denial. Few parents believe that the education system is COMPLETELY corrupted, even though it is.

    1. Can't disagree with anything there. I would add that parents, in my opinion, have utterly related the raising of their children to the State, out of both ignorance and laziness. The article, and the myriad of other examples like it, illustrate why we homeschool.

    2. I can't disagree with anything their either. The union thugs are out to impoverish schools and degrade education while ensuring their members get rich while doing as little and as lousy work as possible. And if teachers are caught raping students,the unions will fight to keep the teachers in the classroom.

      Unions have their place. In the corporate world, unions tend to screw the fatcats. In the schools. the unions' victims are the kids.

  4. In the minds of some Moslems, recitation of the Shahada, even by persons ignorant of the significance of that statement, nevertheless obligates them to adhere to the tenets of Islam. Anyone who utters these words and then at some later time recants them is apostate. Apostasy is a capital crime in Islam. Most teachers of world history and geography are ignorant of these aspects of the so-called religion of peace and therefore become unwilling pawns to the intent of Islam. This is the wolves in sheep’s clothing associated with the “free materials” provided to teachers by the House of Saud, and most teachers, young and ignorant of what is actually occurring, gleefully accept these materials. There is no confusion in my mind that while Islam may in fact encompass every aspect of human society, including politics, everything in Islamic society is subordinate to this one expression of obedience to Islam the religion.

  5. As to the article and actions of the school board to interfere with the activities of persons not on school property, I should say that this is one aspect of local government that the community can control, and yet as indicated in the foregoing, remain asleep at the wheel. No one attends school board meetings because they are painfully boring ... and I believe, intentionally so. Hardly anyone knows the names of their school board members, few have ever communicated with these people, and so they run amok over the people ... because they can. Kid thinks the pot is beginning to boil, but I am more pessimistic. One pissed off parent does not constitute a political movement to right the ship of state. But only one parent does suggest that if the pot is boiling, all those other frogs still have no clue.

    1. As usual for you, excellent summation of the situation. Ashamedly, I fall into the same category of ignorance of my local school board. Part of that is due to my wife homeschooling our daughters, and my job which takes me away from my local community more often than not. But even parents like myself, who don't have children in the government school system, should be educated on the chicanery taking place....and fight against it.

    2. As far as the pot bioling, I think of it in terms of we the citizen, soon to become the subject are in water which is beginning to boil because of the overall ignorance of the population and to the extent that those who profit form that ignorance are profiting. Let alone the breeding out and massive immigrant movement by people who have no intention of becoming Americans... fwiw

    3. I have nothing against immigrants, as long as they don't commit real crimes (one strike and they are out) are working (kick out welfare leeches). I do have major differences with the anti-immigrant Republican party on this. Major differences.

    4. Dmarks, the repubs may just be giving lip service to their perceived base. I think the odds favor that actually.

  6. We all had bb guns when I was a kid and as far as I know none of us have ever gotten arrested or ended up ended up deceased.


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