Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Stupid....it burns.....

While ironically reporting on former President GW Bush talking about "chaos in the middle east, and the current Administration's policies", 'Outnumbered' intellectual luminary Stacey Dash said the following:

“When George W. Bush was president, the most important thing to him was not to be liked, but to be respected; And you better believe no one would have been beheaded when he was president.”

Perhaps Ms. Dash would be well served to remember the large number of foreign citizens who were beheaded in Iraq...a practice catalyzed by the beheading of Daniel Pearl in 2002. All during the Administration of GW Bush.

Speaking of flaming stupid....

Fox & Friends attacks Miami’s history-making black woman cop because she could be a flag-hating Muslim


  1. William F Buckley is looking down at all this, head in hand, sighing...


  2. Read this. and joins in assent of these two comments.


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