Saturday, October 17, 2009

The State of Affairs on the Right

The 'tea party'/anti-Obama movement is merely political backlash and resentment over losing the last election cycle....and badly. I have yet to see someone involved with this facade any forum...that can adequately explain the sudden anger over long existing policies; the meaning of socialism/fascism/marxism [especially when used as an epithet all at once]; and the complicity and desire for aspects of socialism in almost every other facet of life, just not when supported by Democrats.

Additionally, the inclusion and promotion of revolutionary and libertarian symbols and slogans, when not remotely understanding Libertarianism...belies the fact that this Republican [I won't sully the label of Conservatism] movement is political charade.

Daily I think to myself that I cannot be shocked at the American polity anymore...but daily I am proven wrong. For a movement to continue to promote bigotry and to continue to look for leaders in psychopathic populists like Beck and ignorant sock puppets like Palin....and expect to increase numbers of registered voters....saddens me. Sad that a major party has become so utterly bankrupt and saddened that the American citizen has become such a lemming.

The Democratic Party has had it's moments of idiocy [and continues to], but the sheer numbers of paranoid, scare-mongering, conspiracy-believing, intellectually bankrupt sycophants in the current Republican Party lead me to believe that they are not simply living in a separate world...their living in a separate plane of reality.

This is a moribund state of affairs for the Republicans, and my sympathies lie with those Conservatives who still cling to hope that their party will right itself.....but the lunatic fringe led by a crying clown has risen to the surface. The Limbaugh's will come and go...but his minions have been usurped by the pied piper of perfidy. And not until a cure is found for Glenn Beck, will the state of affairs on the right be put into order.

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