Friday, February 4, 2011


They used to say that fervent opposition to the Bush Administration suffered from "Bush Derangement Syndrome", and blamed Bush for every debacle the world over.

But clearly we can see the same phenomenon as the shoe is on the other foot with the current situation in Egypt, by one of the gold standard political shills, Dick Morris:
“Clearly, President Obama, whether it’s because of his words about radical Islam, his failure to condemn it, his failure to name terrorism as Islamic terrorism, and his appeasement and very possibility his outright efforts to encourage people to destabilize the Mubarek regime, broke Egypt and he now owns it.”

“I think that what Mubarek should be doing and what the Obama administration should be doing is aggressively confronting the demonstrators. I think that if we encourage the military to stand down, if we encourage the Mubarek supporters to refrain from controversy or even from violence we really are opening the door to Islamic fundamentalist domination.”

The intellectual midget actually believes that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the protests and will succeed in usurping the reign of Egypt...then uniting with Iran! He may want to invest a portion of his Fox Contributor salary into an education in geo-politics and religious strains of Islam.


  1. If this had happened during Bush's terms it would be proof that freedom fries work.

  2. Freedpm Fries....the drug of choice for the nativist generation.


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