Sunday, February 6, 2011

Politics in the Land of the Pharaoh's

I have been looking into the Muslim Brotherhood lately to learn more about the their impact on the current crisis in Egypt. I see cautious optimism from most reporters and pundits, and harsh demagoguery from Fox and it's cast of usual suspects.

My take is one of cautious optimism. The MB didn't incite nor are a major player in the current protests. The protesters by and large aren't supportive of any one leader of party, they want radical change. The MB is playing catch up to grab a share of this change, though this has been part of their mission statement for decades.

After a violent birth, the MB has moderated and become part of the political process, which is a reason that Al Qaeda has sworn them an enemy for colluding with puppets and tyrants. The MB is actually quote diverse, containing extremist, moderates and reformers. The MB has not been behind any authorized violent activity since the 1970's, indeed the MB has decided to pursue a "strategy of political participation".

The Brotherhood Goes to Parliament

In all, I'm not concerned about the hyperventilation of Hannity, Gaffney, Beck, Pipes and others who earn their coin by prophesying the end of western civilization at the hands of Muslims. The fear of a replay of the 1979 Iranian Revolution allowed the Mubarak regime to siphon foreign aid from the US and to oppress his own citizens.

Understanding Egypt's Historic Moment

I believe that the Mubarak regime should fall, that fall should be supported by the US, and that the Muslim Brotherhood will be a part of the new coalition, as they should be due the wishes of the Egyptian people.

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