Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They can send me a bill me for damages I caused........

it will give me something to start a fire with.
Baghdad city hall wants $1 billion in damages
BAGHDAD — Baghdad's city hall has demanded $1 billion and an apology from the US military, accusing the force that led an invasion to oust Saddam Hussein of turning a "beautiful city into a military camp."

In a statement published on its website late on Wednesday, the city council cited damage done to the city by the erection of concrete blast walls, seen throughout the Iraqi capital, as well as the use of Humvee military vehicles.

"Baghdad city council demands the United States pay compensation estimated at $1 billion as a result of damage to infrastructure and issue an apology to the people of Baghdad," the statement said.
"Anyone can recognise what American forces have done to Baghdad by turning this beautiful city into a military camp and destroying streets and communities."

The statement added that it was asking for the damages "because of mistakes by the American army and its neglect of projects completed by Baghdad city hall" in previous years.

Concrete blast walls are a ubiquitous sight across Baghdad, notably protecting government ministries and the heavily fortified Green Zone. Humvees, now used by the Iraqi army and police, frequently rumble through the city's pothole-filled streets.


  1. Why in God's name are we still there?

  2. As near as I can figure......because pulling out completely will tarnish our alpha male, barrel chested, square-jawed pose we strike in the global mirror.


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