Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beck's Brain

I'm sure he mean's well, but I just can't wrap my head around most of Beck's 'theories'.


  1. I think he's a master showman. He takes a grain of truth and grows it into great conspiracy theories.

    I do give him great credit for getting people interested in the founders and our constitution again.

    I've got a post up today rebutting a ridiculous anti-libertarian screed someone posted in a comment thread last week. You'd probably enjoy it.

  2. No, you're right...I will give him some credit for that. I'd give him more, but he [and he's not alone] has a penchant for only choosing quotes from Founders that prop up his argument of the day.

    I read your piece, and it was excellent. I didn't have enough time to formulate anything witty to remark on it....been a busy day. But I did discover that as of today/yesterday, my blog is blocked at work due to "Adult Content".

    Oddly I can post and view my Blogger Draft page. Not entirely sure whats pornographic about my blog.....

  3. You cut through the bipartisan bs and dish reality, that is probably threatening to people, hence the "Adults Only" warning... ;)

  4. You Sir, are too kind.....

    On a related note...my blog is viewable at work again. I think they're screwing with me.


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