Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well Damn.....

In May of 2007, the Commander of our Brigade's Field Artillery Battalion had just left our BDE HQ on Fob Falcon to make his way back to his Combat Outpost just north of Route Irish. An EFP prevented him from making it back.

I was in the TOC when the call came into to Dragon X-Ray requesting an Air Weapons Team and for us to clear the route into the CSH. Another bad memory of a bad place.

Things seem to have gone as well as anyone could expect after losing both of their legs; he has been an inspirational honorary member of the New York Giants; he's taken a key role in the Army's Wounded Warrior Program....and I just found out that he's in the cast of the summer action flick Battleship.

Now....just between you and I, I have my doubts as to the cinematic quality of a movie based on a board game...but it's damn good to see a fellow Dragon doing well.

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