Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking for a pistol for Household 6

I've been checking out this little gem. A Smith & Wesson 380 with integrated laser. I'm thinking it would work great for her grip and fit in her hydration vest when she trail runs.

Need to find somebody who's shot one.


  1. Never shot one, but I don't like short-barrel pistols. I can't hit jack with them...

  2. Can't help you with pros/cons - neither the Beautiful Wife nor I have handled one of those - but you're right: I like the look of it.

  3. Wife and I both have one. Trigger is a little stiff, but it shoots fine for what it is intended for. Laser useless in bright light, sights are adequate if needed, again a close in weapon so no issues there. It does not like cheap ball ammo for practice, may have to pull trigger a couple of times for it to fire cheapie stuff, but works everytime with Hornady self-defense ammo. It is a bear to disassemble, take down lever is a bitch! I like mine, wife hates hers due to trigger.

  4. Anon - Thank you for the sitrep! Without finding somewhere to test fire one before buying, your experience with this pistol will weigh heavily on a decision to buy one.


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