Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here's your sign......

h/t to One Eyed Jack

This was theater. This was a production. Everyone had their roles; everyone had their signs. What this was, was the most disgusting and shabby travesty of a convention that I've ever heard of. Those signs, they make me wonder. Did any of those faceless sign-holders look around at all the "THANK YOU" signs, and at any time feel a moment of shame or humiliation? What is the matter with them? Whose idea was it to hand out all those signs and take all the other signs away? It had to be Obama's idea. Or if not his idea, he at least authorized it.

Think about it for a moment. There you are at a political convention. You're there to support the person that you think best represents your political viewpoint. You're there to help reelect the guy who will best represent the way you think the country ought to be run. Well, I'll tell you how he runs a convention. You don't get to say what you want to say. Obama doesn't care what you think. You ought to be grateful. You'll just hold up the "THANK YOU" sign and you'll shut your giant flapping mouth. Shut up and hold your sign.


  1. I heard he wanted thousands of boys are girls dancing and singing his praises like they did for the pot bellied pig of North Korea but the stage was too small...

    But seriously, conventions are anachronistic kabuki theater for political junkies

  2. Yep...I'm into politics, but I can only even take the LP Convention in measured doses.


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