Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remember before November

Sometimes we get the candidate we deserve.

From Judy Morris:

The Democrats claim to love and value humanity, human rights and justice. While the Republican Party is currently saddled with the entirely justifiable label of 'War Party', the history of liberal/progressive/Democratic views on humanity are grotesquely contrary to its mantra as the Party of Peace and Love.
What's really tragic is that Republicans who once stood for limited government and peace somehow managed to link up with the progressives on the road to tyranny and joined them.  Not only is America now stuck with 2 evil War Parties, those progressive moralists that bashed Bush/Cheney on foreign policy were suddenly all quiet when they won power in 2008 and their party was doing the killing.
Love humanity and value peace, liberty and prosperity?  Then don't vote Republican or Democrat.

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