Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Parties......No Choice

Today's cogent post from fellow Libertarian blogger Kent McManigal. It's a bit embarrassing, but ultimately helpful and educating when others can translate exactly what you're thinking and make it read better.

It's frustrating when you can see the game for what it commiserate with others who seemingly agree with you....but watch them become props in the play all the same. The political theater that we've seen throughout our lives, has been scripted long ago. Meme's become truths....similarities become differences.

Today's voting eligible public has been taught to believe that the media is biased towards a single party, when in fact it is complicit with both The masses are told that there are stark differences between the two major parties, so that when you choose between the two, you are left with a facade of satisfaction that you've helped your team....when in reality, a vote for either merely ensures that the size and scope of government will continue to grow....more laws will be passed at all levels that restrict, regulate and tax your lawful activities. The nanny state is perpetuated in sometimes divergent directions depending on the party, but it grows just the same with a vote for either.

While you Republicans are wrong on half of the things you yap about, just like Democrats are, and I have gotten over the need to vote (although I still have empathy with the voters), I will offer you some advice. Take it or leave it.
You screwed yourselves badly by nominating Obamney 2.0. And now you are falling over your own feet trying to justify what you did, and trying to convince each other how great he is and how only he can save America from Obamney 1.0. Even "conservatives", who should despise the liberal extremist Republican candidate, are doing this.
You don't have to convince each other. You have already bought in. The only people who "like" your candidate are those voters who either despise the other candidate so much that they'd vote for a smelly gym sock soaked in goat urine if it were running against him, or those who will stick by anything as long as the GOP nominated it. You've got that vote locked up easily. But that's not enough to give you a win.
You've got to convince those people who basically see things as I do, but haven't yet walked away from the rigged game- those who still hold out hope that liberty can be increased by a vote. You can't win the election without them.
And most of those people are not stupid enough to vote for your chosen candidate. We see that he is just a mirror reflection of the other candidate- a thuggish goon who supports and advocates all the same crap the other thuggish goon advocates and supports.
You are committing suicide, Republican Party. I won't try to stop you- I only hope the Democrats do the same. But they won't unless something changes because they don't try to be exactly like you. That's purely a Republican trait.
So, if you actually want to become relevant, you will have to nominate people who scare you just a little. Candidates who are different. Candidates who will arouse deep hatred in liberals while they attract those who want something different from the bland offerings you keep serving up. In other words, you will have to become a little more libertarian.
Personally, I hope you don't. Liberty will suffer until the statists all make themselves so ridiculous to normal people that the spell is broken and the "same old thing" stops getting recycled. You're well on your way.

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