Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kaena Point

Saturday was Kaena Point day. Kaena Point is the western most edge of Oahu and only accessible by foot due to a nature preserve, by the North or the South. I opted for the northern route, starting next to Dillingham Airfield, home to Oahu's skydivers. Not a particularly arduous hike, so I opted to scrabble to entire way down to the point on the volcanic rock, around the tidal pools and dodging sometimes massive waves [yes, you North Shore purists, it wasn't an Eddie day...but they were still pretty damn big].

The trip down to the point looked mostly like this
And this
Taking this route was long and a bit dangerous at times, but a far better workout than the dirt road I could have taken. Totally worth it.
Reminds me of the Oregon coast. Except warmer. Make that hot. Damn it was hot.
Note to self. I know there's got to be a trail up there.
It's no wonder they filmed Lost here.


  1. Nice area, out in the boonies. My wife & I stayed at Makaha which is a nice enough resort, but we were really impressed at the armed guard that was posted at the nearby grocery store.

    1. One thing I've been told by locals here, is that Hawaii is very family friendly, and has very little violent crime.....but theft is through the roof.


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