Wednesday, April 29, 2009


America has betrayed its legal and moral principles, and unfortunately plenty of faux patriots don't care. There can be no Rule of Law in regards to the misnomered 'war on terror'. That's because it is the Rule of Party. The 'war on terror' is a politically contrived reaction to an accumulation of backlash against colonialism, economic pillaging and military occupation. Thus, any reaction to legalities will only be steeped what is good for Party X or Party Y. Many times both.

We currently have the previous administration dead to rights, caught red-handed breaking US Code, the US Constitution, international law, signed treaties and the creeds of the US Armed Services. They have done backwards cheetah flips to manipulate law and public opinion through the media.

The pro-torture crowd cites the media testimony of politically appointed bureaucrats that torture somehow worked, against the combined analysis of human history by scholars, psychologists, intelligence experts and military personnel. They claim this even without regard to the fact that these CIA Directors and other accomplices are fighting hard to give themselves cover from prosecution. They claim that 'Cheney has requested 'secret memo's' that will surely highlight how torture has worked to keep us safe. Claiming this without regard to the fact that Cheney has no downside to this claim. Unless or until these alleged memo's are released, they are fantasy, and if they are not released, the Republicans can just claim cover-up. How convenient.

But this same party was so terribly gung ho to prosecute a Democratic president for shady real estate dealings and extra-marital sex. Sort of shows what patriots many are.

The law was broken. Write your Congressmen, jump up and down and scream....whatever....just deal with it. Not torturing detainees will not degrade our national security because it has been uniformly shown to not be effective throughout human history. The neanderthal desire for bloodlust and revenge only serves to weaken our security by validating the propaganda used by our enemies. I've never been so disgusted by so many of my fellow Americans.

The US Constitution was designed to check capricious and unaccountable executive power. We have surrendered what the founders bequeathed to us.

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