Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Parties......part deux

I'm not trying to demean the Tea Party concept, but rather voice my pessimism about the longevity and the depth of fervor and willingness to radicalize of the participants, and the co-opting by the Republicans.

Quite obviously, a grass roots movement is the only way to break the cycle of abuse by the two major parties. But that movement has to be a brush fire across a dry plain to affect any change. The Tea Party movements are merely campfires in reality. The closest movement we’ve seen recently was the Ron Paul ‘revolution’, but even that did not do much more than get people excited for a short time. Of course, a managed campaign by the Democratic and Republican Party’s along with the MSM contributed heavily to its demise.

I believe that most Americans fear treading outside of their comfort zones in regards to political change. Americans have really only known the two parties. They are led to believe that these two parties are diametrically opposed and at odd ends of the political spectrum. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the concept of breaking that paradigm frightens people for a few key reasons: the media does not have any vested interest in promoting change because they are part of that paradigm. The media will by and large not even grant that there are more than Democrats, Republicans and the vague, grey group known as Independents…….who are universally implied to be disaffected or irresolute Democrats and Republicans.

I hate at times, to harp incessantly about the illogical and divisive influence of those two major parties, but I truly believe their existence to be the bane of citizen empowerment and the pursuit of the common welfare of the nation.

I don’t have the answers to how to break the political cycle of abuse. I’m not sure anyone does. What I do know is that the forces arrayed against breaking that cycle are legion. It will take strong, committed citizens with financial, intellectual and populist backing to return this nation to one of principle and ideals. Although I am a registered Libertarian, they aren’t the panacea. There are indeed good and honest Democrats and Republicans, but those who start out their political careers, I fear soon become co-opted by the party machinery. In today’s political landscape the party trumps the polity….and if there were ever an ideology opposed to that of our founders……we are witnessing it in our lifetime.

Who knows, maybe likeminded people can contribute to a movement to overhaul this pattern. Jumping on the bandwagon is easy after it gets started down the road. Building that bandwagon is a daunting task.

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