Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Time

A short note about tomorrow's Tax Tea Parties. Good on 'em. However, one quick question.....

Since these 'patriots' claim to be protesting the ever increasing size and scope of the Federal government......where have they been for the last eight years????

I agree with the grass roots movement per se.........but when it is promulgated and promoted nearly exclusively by Fox News, I question their non-partisan claims. I fully support lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government, probably more than most self described Conservatives. But for that to happen, there has to be a significant shift in how we administer our nation. These tea parties are utterly ineffective because they do not address the fundamental and root causes of our wasteful and fraudulent governance.

The tea parties are nothing more than Republican rallies. There were Tea Parties in Alabama when I lived there a few years ago, and the sponsors, organizers and celebutwits are retained from the same partisan-right stable. I'd no sooner attend one of these events than I would an anti-Bush rally. Ironic and/or convenient that these part time faux-patriots have chosen the tax day following a democratic inauguration to protest the width and breadth of government, when they sat idly by for the last several years questioning the patriotism of others.

Obama is not going to champion tax fairness and individual liberties and sovereignty......that is sort of a given, but as we have witnessed, neither is the Republican Party.

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