Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beer Review

Bear with me as I write this under the influence of the below mentioned beer. Being in Germany offers no small amount of Bier selection. And although I enjoy the hell out of a great Dunkelweiss, at most hotels and bars it runs around 4.00 Euro [give or take $5 - $6]. So low and behold, I walk across the street from my current hotel to a gas station and see 1 liter cans of a beer named Faxe.

In my best Deutsch, I ask the nice lady about the quality of such a beer that comes on an enormous can. She proceeds to tell me that it is a strong beer [duh, the can clearly states that it is 10% alcohol], and not for everybody.

Well.......I'm not everybody. I'm hooked! for 2.00 Euro, I can get a Danish brew that is 10% alcohol and has a nice dark blonde color with a hint of the carbonation found in Belgian ales.

Now, if I can only find it in the states......

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