Monday, May 3, 2010

Somebody tell me why we're there? Part II

Courtesy of RealityZone:

McChrystal's announcement earlier this year that ISAF would establish a "contiguous security zone" which would include the bulk of the population of Helmand and Kandahar provinces may have been a response to the recognition that the Taliban had formed its own zone of political dominance in southern Afghanistan.

However, given recent evidence that foreign troops have been unable to clear insurgents from Marjah, and that local leaders and elders in Kandahar are opposing US military operations in and around the city, that objective now appears to be well beyond the reach of US and NATO troops.


  1. This more or less sums up my feelings:

    On Facebook, I wrote:

    "I couldn't stand most brass and upper enlisted in the military. They seemed preoccupied with their careers. There was one SSgt who would make rounds at the barracks every week to briefly ask how we were doing. We would've gladly killed for him. The COINistas have a career interest in subscribing to this doctrine. They probably have a financial interest in it as well, as a large armed forces fighting wars overseas requires substantial logistical, supply and service-related contracts. The revolving door in D.C. between lobbyists and corporations is not the exclusive domain of elected politicians."

  2. I think you're spot on with the intentions of many COINdinistas. Many officers have made a name and a career for themselves.

    Nevermind that it's really not working.....our media doesn't cover pertinent details anyway....


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