Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brotherhood of War

Why is it that although they're good people and good friends, I can find nothing truly in common with my coworkers who have not been in combat? Though almost all have spent 20+ years in the Armed Forces, a genuine rift is apparent between myself and my compadre Allen, and the others we work with. I suppose it comes with being recently retired.

Don't get me wrong, most are great guys and have served their country with honor and dedication. I just find myself increasingly alienated by stories of peacetime service without the temper of the horrors of war.

My stories are not easily [if ever] shared, and only with those who would understand. Thus, I remain the quiet passenger......

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  1. It's the quiet ones we must truly listen to, for they waste their words not on blabberings, but things that truly mean something. I did not do 20yrs in the Army,but living in a college town and going back to school with a bunch of children that were in 2nd grade on Sept 11, 2001 I understand your disconnection. God bless you my brother


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