Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ronnie James Dio, whose soaring vocals, poetic lyrics and mythic tales of a never-ending struggle between good and evil broke new ground in heavy metal, died Sunday, according to a statement from his wife and manager. He was 67.
Dio revealed last summer that he was suffering from stomach cancer shortly after wrapping up a tour in Atlantic City, N.J., with the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath, under the name Heaven And Hell.
"Today my heart is broken," Wendy Dio wrote on the singer's site, adding he died at 7:45 a.m. "Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away.

DIO was one of my first exposures to music other than what my Mother and her friends listened to....not that there's anything wrong with Roberta Flack....

Godspeed Ronnie....


  1. Oh you are soooo funny!!!! Some day when you're an "'ol foagy" - oh wait a minute, you are getting closer to that age, in fact it's coming up next month - you too, will enjoy the finer styles of music!!!!

    love, your mom :)

  2. Part of me died when I saw this come up on my followed list CI. Rainbow's Long Live Rock and Roll album was IMHO the best hard rock album ever. "The Shed" was going to be my entrance song when I was promoting wrestling matches in eastern Missouri but my physical limitations prevented that persona so I had to settle for commisioner.

    I even turned my kids on to Dio with my Rainbow and Black Sabbath with Dio on vocals collection.

    Sucks getting old man.


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