Friday, March 18, 2011

Doesn't matter if you don't believe in God......Suck it up and move along Citizen....

Rep Randy Forbes (R.-Va.) has spent four years fighting to have Congress officially support the right to have the national motto “In God We Trust” in government buildings and public schools. Forbes won a big victory on Thursday when the House Judiciary Committee passed his In God We Trust Resolution, which reaffirms the national motto and supports and encourages the public display of the motto in all public buildings.

Forbes is pushing this legislation because of a recent cultural shift in America to keep God out of public and government institutions.

“This sends a clear message to all these government departments and agencies that it’s all right to put up the motto on our buildings and in our classrooms.  And I think it will stop the tide of the chilling effect over the past several years,” Forbes said in an interview with HUMAN EVENTS.

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