Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Meme of "anti-Americanism" and the faux Conservatives who rely on it

If there's one thing that stands out amongst many who call themselves's hypocrisy. Not present among true Conservatives, but among those who are usually Republicans first and Conservative when convenient.

Maybe I'm the odd duck here, but my definition and personal recipe for the ideology of of modern Conservative [which is ironically a classical Liberal] is the pursuit of critical thought, honest discourse, a disdain for the echo addition to rugged individualism, self reliance, service to one's community, fiscal responsibility and a strong defense.

Make no mistake about it, political correctness is as alive and well on the right as it is on the left. State one of the many quasi-Socialist aspects of our society that the vast majority [including the right] enjoys and relies upon, and you're somehow a Liberal. Point out hypocrisy and double standards between critiques of politicians, and you're the opposition. Fail to glorify or deify the existence of actions of military service members to an appropriate level, and you're anti-American.

What is this odd reliance on intellectually lazy and utterly shallow sentiments such as "anti-American"? Perhaps my definition is far too stringent. I would consider somebody who actively worked to bring down this society or it's defenses and replace it with a foreign entity to be anti-American. What we see these days amongst normally intelligent appearing people however, is the use of this term against anyone who dares offer a contrary point of view concerning any of the aforementioned politically correct issues. Fail to toe the line, and you get painted by this juvenile pejorative.

Similar hypocrisy raises it's head with cutesy little names to denigrate a political rival. Republicans surely didn't like the names Liberal had for Bush, but a distinguished lack of maturity apparently compels them to use such gems as 'the anointed one', 'Nobama', 'Barack HUSSEIN Obama' and my personal favorite 'Obama bin Laden'.

I find it especially silly when websites who like to tout that they 'Support the Military' and "Remember the Fallen' consistently forget [or conveniently ignore] that not all who are veterans, serving or supporters and family of the first two are Republicans.

Childish, immature and un-American.

I expect this from Liberals....but this phenomenon is part of what drove me, as a Conservative, away from the Republican Party.

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  1. It's to do with the "formal" "schooling" that our fellow Americans recieve.

    They are taught from a very early age to react with an emotion rather than thought, consideration, evaluation to symbols, slogans, and "brand" identification.

    Very handy to keep a tally on who just might spit out his bit and buck off the rider.


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