Friday, March 25, 2011

Mike Huckabee's theocratic vision for America

Huckabee speaking about debunked historian and Beck-ite David Barton and 'Applying the Bible to every aspect of the culture"


  1. and they mean every word of what they said. nothing would be better than forcing the masses to do what is right only in their deranged minds.

  2. What would people be saying if he was a Muslim instead of a Christian? Running a country based on the beliefs of ANY religion is wrong.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree to both comments. The fundies will always decry the comparison as "hey at least we're not beheading anyone".

    But depriving liberty based on a religious tenet is wrong no matter the scale on which it is practiced.

  4. My question is not only what's the difference between an Islamic Theocracy from a Christrian one...but why are people, like "Right Wing Watch" interested in "Islamic Watch"?

    Media Matters, Right Wing Watch, The Huffintonpost...all of this George Soros funded Open Society Groups are all doing a band up job protecting us from the Neo-Cons and the Christrain Right, but they are all Socialist organizations and Socialist funded. And they are not giving equal time to watching Islamist or any other anti-Liberty groups. Why not?

    Where is Socialist Watch? Islam Wing Watch? You say you agree and say that "depriving liberty based on a religious tenet is wrong" but you are quoting the Socialist...which I dare say is the religion of the "Collective".

    I am not seeing it. I agree with your statement...but find it telling that so far, in reading through your sight...all of your media and proof is attacking one side while using the propoganda prepared by a group of people just as interested in removing your liberties as Huckabee and the Right Wing.

    And for the record...I have listened to Barton, I don't see where his "proof" has been debunked...all of his research is based off of peoples actual written words. I don't agree that his way of life is good for me...but I haven't heard him, or Beck tell me that I should be forced to live that way. Sure, they evangelize for their God and that way of life...but your precious Media Matters and Right Wing Watch that you are quoting, like Huckabee...want to remove your liberties all the time.

    Sorry for the long post, but I see this all the time...people claiming the Right is so bad, Christians should be eradicated...and they are always preaching an opposite view of Collectivism meant to remove liberties...just for a competing Ideology.

  5. I'll try and respond as best I can with my limited dinner break. I can understand how my ideology may be perceived at first glance. I can't find the post at present, but awhile ago I addressed my current dilemma...I'll attempt a paraphrase.

    I was a die hard Republican in my past life. The GOP has utterly left me behind in favor of religious fundamentalism, hyperbolic rhetoric and fringe politics. They have lost their way in regards to individual liberty and a strong national defense. The Democrats have always and forever left me unimpressed. I'm not in any shape or form a liberal. I consider myself more conservative than most Republicans.

    When I post here and the many other outlets I frequent, I readily admit to being harsher on the right than the left. My opinion on the left is a me at least. I'm hard on Republicans because I feel no small amount of animosity towards my feeling that they have surrendered core conservative values in favor of populist politics.

    Now, when I use Right Wing Watch or Media Matters, it's to pull the Embed code for the audio and video of what has been said. I don't use their commentary for any analysis, but it's the easiest place to go to get video proof of a statement. And surely you aren't presuming that their isn't GOP versions of the two above websites do you? If you haven't found them, I'm sure I can steer you in that direction.

    When I come down harshly on religion, it isn't to deride a belief in a higher power....I earnest;y hope their is, but at present, I'm a devout agnostic. I believe most forms of organized religion to be collectivist, not the opposite of. One is cajoled and compelled to not only conform one's life to a certain group-think, but are expected to give monetary and effort tithing.

    Of course the left wants to remove individual liberties, as does the right. Again, I expect it from the left. But when making statements, they should stand on their own, or they aren't worth making. When those on the right engage in the same intellectual dishonesty or reliance on meme's....they are just as bad for this nation as the left.

    I've got to run back to work, but I sincerely enjoy a good back and forth with critical thought. So since this was my abridged version, I can flesh out anything I missed if you so desire.

  6. As a quick addendum...David Barton has been notorious for falsifying several historical instances, but he excels in the alleged Christian founding of our nation. More recently, he tries to portray Obama as willfully excluding the use of the word God from his speechifying. This of course is wildly inaccurate.


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