Monday, November 19, 2012

Definition of the Day

From Michael Austin, author of That's Not What They Meant!:

Founderstein -

An ideological monstrosity that, like Frankenstein's monster, borrows bits and pieces from those safely dead - from that is, the speeches, published essays, letters and journals of any number of different Founding Fathers slapped together with absolutely no concern for context, rhetorical intent or the tremendous differences between the individual Founders.


  1. How did I know the book was written by a liberal before I even followed the link?

    So does he go on to explain how the founders really intended for the federal government to metastasize into a bloated, wealth-destroying monstrosity?

  2. Unsurprisingly, no. But he does go on to explain how the Founders own words have been erroneously used to defend the positions of special interest groups on issues such as religious freedom, states rights, and other aspects of governance.


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