Sunday, November 25, 2012

Was there any sort of thought process behind this?

I'd wager that common sense and job security wasn't part of it.
A South Laurel High School teacher was found to be in violation of district policy when she wrote a defamatory statement on her white board.

The statement read, “You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven.”

A student in her classroom took a photo of the white board, turning it in to the Laurel County Board of Education and the Sentinel-Echo.

According to Superintendent Doug Bennett, the accused teacher, Kendra Baker, heard the statement from a student then proceeded to write it on her board.  The statement was not a part of the curriculum or lesson plan and was a blatant opinion following the recent Presidential election.


  1. When liberals don't have anything real, then everything must be fake.

  2. I wouldn't presume that the teacher in question is a liberal...based on her choice of words.

    1. Well, I was a bit brief there. What I was actually thinking was about the person or persons who found her to be "in violation of policy" in their unbridled haste to jump on a situation ripe for exploitation.

      As opposed to asking here what the dealo was, and sensibly dismissing it so that none of us would have to waste our time posting or talking about it.

      I appreciate the opportunity to expand on my original statement. :)

    2. I see your point; the article does however state "school administration immediately investigated the incident and the concern was resolved".

      It is left to our imaginations as to how in depth or fair that investigation was.

      Regardless of intent, I think it's fair to say that the action violated common sense. I don't think a 9th grade class is equipped to objectively study the nuances of such a statement.

    3. "You can’t be a Democrat & go to Heaven". I don't see how any classroom could sufficiently digest such a statement. So I agree.

      They'd have to digest religion, a course in itself; then move on to what ambiguous traits of "democrats" would exclude democrats from Heaven. An impossible task. :)


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